Specialist services

Our extensive selection of services not only includes advice on materials processing but also metallurgy and metallurgical examination, heat treatment, mechanical and fatigue testing, SEM scanning electron microscopy, EDXA energy dispersive X-ray analysis optical microscopy, expert witness, failure analysis and problem solving. Our on-site metallurgy consultancy is provided by Professor Kameel Sawalha who has moved his independent laboratory business, Aston Microscopy & Engineering, to our Halesowen premises. His expertise not only covers metallurgical and corrosion investigation, but also failure analysis and materials selection advice.

Prototype manufacture and development

Our extensive friction welding expertise means we can provide advice and support across a broad range of areas including analysis, geometry recommendations, material selection and cost saving options, metallurgical assessment, pre and post weld processing and testing.

Parameter development

Conducted in accordance with British Standard:BS15620:2000, a band test development approach is employed to offer an in-built production safety margin. This is underpinned by our accumulation of more than 50 years of process and metallurgical experience. A high, low and mid parameter starting point is estimated and the program of development will establish the mid parameter, thereby building in a production safety margin.



A comprehensive choice of assessments is available and these offer bend, hardness and micro hardness analysis as well as impact, non destructive and tensile testing.