UK tax strategy

KUKA Systems UK Limited (the “Company”) regards the publication of this tax strategy as satisfying the statutory obligation under paragraph 16(2) of Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. This strategy applies from the date of publication and is to be reviewed annually.

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for management of the tax affairs of the Company.

References to UK taxes includes:

  • Corporate income taxes
  • Indirect taxes including VAT
  • Employment taxes including PAYE and National Insurance
  • Any other applicable tax matters

The Company is committed to:

  • Ensuring all Laws and Regulations are complied with.
  • Instructions and directional guidelines set by the board and senior management are implemented.
  • All internal control processes are functioning correctly.
  • Financial information is reliable.

Tax planning

The Company does not seek to enter tax avoidance schemes and always ensures that tax legislation is adhered to by seeking advice from tax consultants and local tax partners.

Risk Management

The day to day management of the Company’s tax affairs is provided by the UK finance team.

The UK finance team is also responsible for all processes relating to different taxes and constantly reviews activities and processes to identify key risks to ensure adequate controls are in place. These key risks are monitored for changes in business and legislation and processes and controls are updated accordingly.

The Company utilises available tax reliefs and allowances in the manner in which was intended by HMRC, in circumstances where the intended treatment may not be clearly defined, the Company will use its best judgment, advice of tax consultants or liaise directly with HMRC in determining the appropriate course of action.

The Company does not engage in artificial tax arrangements and ensures that the outcomes are consistent with commercial realities.

The Company’s appetite for tax risk is low and we only structure our affairs based on sound commercial principles and in accordance with the KUKA Group policy and relevant tax legislation. Aggressive tax planning is not proactively considered and external advice is sought where appropriate.


Taxation is managed as part of the Finance Function within the Company and is the ultimate responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The UK tax strategy and policies are reviewed on an ongoing basis at board level.

Working with HMRC

The Company is committed to complying with its tax obligation and maintaining an open and transparent relationship with the HMRC and its officials. The Company aims to resolve uncertainty on a timely basis and fully co-operates with any tax enquiries.